About Us

EKOLAT - is an engineering and construction design company that has been successfully working in Latvia since 1994 specializing on water management research, analysis, and consulting with the focus on ecology and sustainability.

Our main value is ecology, thus we plan and implement projects that help to achieve sustainable and environment-friendly development and urbanization. Our activities help ensuring effective infrastructure functioning and access to clean water. We highly estimate emotional intelligence; therefore we perceive our work with a great responsibility. Our company’s value creation takes place by including ecological aspects in our technical and construction projects, which is also a determining competitive factor.

Ekolat Ltd. develops professional services throughout the course of project implementation in accordance with Latvian legislation in accordance with the technical standards and requirements.

Ekolat Ltd. areas of activity

We successfully cooperate with The State Environmental Service of the Republic of Latvia and represent our experience in the Latvian Chamber of Commerce.

Our clients are state-owned enterprises and local government agencies as well as commercial organizations and private individuals.

Certified engineers and specialists ensure company’s successful performance and provide high quality services by using its extensive experience, basing on the interests and wishes of the customer, offering the most effective and customized solutions.