Realised Projects

Ekolat’s designed and realised Projects

JSC “Latvenergo” three-story administrative building interior design of common areas (with replanning) Klusā Street 2, Daugavpils” internal network design (Client: JSC “Latvenergo”)

LRDS “Ilukste” Reconstruction of water supply systems (Client: SIA “LatRosTrans”)

Water supply development in Daugavpils, phase III:

“Reconstruction and expansion of water supply and sewerage system of the 11th system – Jaunbūve 1 in Daugavpils”; “Reconstruction and expansion of water supply and sewerage system of the 12th system – Jaunbūve 2 in Daugavpils”;

“Reconstruction and expansion of water supply and sewerage networks in the New Forshtate, in the areas of streets Cēsu and Fabrikas in Daugavpils (system 13, 14, 15)”

(Client: SIA “Daugavpils ūdens”)

Construction of Sewer networks for housing at Bērzu and Dzelzceļnieku Streets in Viesite (Client: Viesite’s Municipality)

Rebuilding the House of Crafts of Krāslava palace complex (Pils Street 6, Kraslava) (Client: Krāslavas’s Municipality)

LII-046 New quality image and infrastructure and the development of the remote border in Zarasai and Krāslava (National architectural monument No 6321): Krāslava palace complex engineering network design (Client: Krāslavas’s Municipality)

Sewerage network development in Lubana (Client: SIA “Lubānas KP”)

Phase II of water management development in Varaklani (Client: SIA “ĢL Konsultants”)

Development of water services in Balozi, phase III:

“Water supply and sewerage network in Balozi on the territory of “Titurga” and “Buras”, and in the area of Old Balozi” (Client: SIA “Baložu komunālā saimniecība”)

Water supply and sewerage network design and construction works for the project “Water supply service development in Adazi, phase II” (Client: SIA “Ādažu ūdens”)

The city of Rēzekne industrial spatial development concept and the technical and economic substantiation (Client: Rēzekne City Council)

Feasibility Study for the project “Water Management in Lubāna, phase II” (Client: SIA “Lubānas KP”)

SIA „Asond”

SIA „Aidana”

SIA „Sēļi”



SIA „Latgales bekons”