Krāslava palace, the House of Crafts


In June Ekolat Ltd. had finished development of the building design for the project “Rebuilding the House of Crafts of Kraslavas palace complex (Pils Street 6, Kraslava)”.

Our design will ensure improvement of the building and its surrounding territory, Crafts House restoration, including construction of new roof, facade renovation, and interior refurbishment, considering historical features and image of the architecture of Counts Plāters palace.

Crafts House is designed for the cultural and historical heritage conservation, together with the restoration of the building, the museum will be expanded where the exhibition will be displayed. Museum visitors will be able to get acquainted with and enjoy the culinary heritage of Latgale, trying out traditional dishes.

We hope that the Krāslava palace’s recovery will contribute to an increase in the number of tourists and will provide improvement of socio-economic factors, as well as enhance the development of Latgale’s region.